Department of Accounting

Department Structure

Chief accountant
Leading Accountant
Yernazarova Asel
Leading Accountant
Arynova Dinara
Leading Accountant

Main tasks of the Department

  • The formation of complete and reliable information (including accounting and tax reporting) on the Partnership activities, its property status, necessary for internal users of financial reporting;
  • The formation of accounting and tax reporting to external users, investors, creditors and other users.

Functions of the Department

  • Organization and accounting of the organization in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);
  • The formation and timely provision of complete and reliable accounting information about the Partnership activities;
  • Development of document forms for internal financial reporting;
  • Ensuring the procedure for conducting inventories;
  • Control over the conduct of business operations;
  • Accounting of property, liabilities and business operations, incoming fixed assets, inventory and cash;
  • Timely reflection on accounting transactions associated with the fixed assets, inventory and cash movement;
  • Accounting for the sale of products, performance of work (services), results of Partnership economic and financial activities, as well as financial and credit operations;
  • Timely and correct document execution;
  • Timely wage payment and other accruals for staff remuneration based on employer’s acts;
  • The correct calculation and transfer of taxes, fees, insurance premiums to state extra-budgetary social funds, payments to banking institutions and funds for financing capital investments;
  • Timely accrual and payment of students’ scholarships on the basis of approved orders;
  • Taking preventive measures on shortages, illegal money and inventory spending, violations of financial and economic legislation;
  • Participation in the audits on shortages and thefts of money and inventory items and transferring, if necessary, audit materials to the investigative and judicial authorities;
  • Ensuring strict observance of financial regulations, the legality of writing off shortfalls, receivables and other losses from Partnership accounts, the safety of accounting documents, processing and submitting them to the archive in the prescribed manner;
  • Consideration and signing documents for the acceptance and issuance of cash and inventory, as well as credit obligations by the chief accountant;