Happy National symbols day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

4 June, 1992 – an important date for all Kazakhstan citizens, the new state symbols of independent Kazakhstan were approved for the first time. This day will forever remain in the history of the country as the birthday of the new state symbols.

The flag, coat of Arms, and Anthem of the Republic are not only attributes of sovereignty, they are our national heritage, a source of deep respect for the country’s history, state language, culture, and traditions, and they are the living embodiment of such spiritual concepts as patriotism and love for the Motherland. This is a unifying image of independence, which includes all significant events and achievements, giving us reason to be proud that we are Kazakhstan citizens.

State symbols unite us at the most important moments in the fate of the Fatherland – from national holidays to sporting victories. When the Anthem of our Motherland is played at official international events or the sky-blue Flag is raised, every citizen of Kazakhstan feels a sense of pride and patriotism.

Dear students! Respect the state symbols of our country and be proud of them!

Let our Motherland – the Republic of Kazakhstan flourish!

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