Volunteer movement “AITU – volunteer”

At Astana IT University, a volunteer movement is actively developing among students. AITU volunteer headquarters operates and unites more than 100 university volunteers.

During the year, volunteers provided free assistance to people and society in need, held charity, sports, and environmental events: “Jan Zhyluy”, “Youth Against Drug Addiction”, “AITU is for a Healthy Lifestyle”, charity stand-up concert “Smile and Help ”,“ Road to school ”,“ Charity-Box ”,“ Zhasyl alak ”, etc.

Students volunteers, thanks to their activities, sow seeds of goodness and mercy, give joy to hearts, and are not indifferent to the social problems of citizens.

During the state of emergency in the country and the introduction of distance education, university students went home. In this difficult time, AITU volunteers did not stand aside and tried to draw the attention of a wide audience to significant social problems. AITU volunteers organized a voluntary fundraising for the purchase of vital products for large families and veterans, and received the support and activity of all university students.

With the funds raised, volunteers carry out charity events to support large families and single elderly people, to provide assistance to low-income and large families in difficult situations. As part of the charity event, student volunteers visited more than 10 such families, who were delivered food packages.

The guys do not hide the joy of the work done and say: “We know that these people are waiting for us, there is nothing nicer to see the joyful eyes of the children who meet us. We also know that we can help a lonely elderly person by going to a store or pharmacy for him. His health depends on our work. ”

The quarantine continues, which means that the number of people who need help is increasing, in particular war veterans. The action, dedicated to the annual celebration of Victory Day, attracted more than 40 volunteers; they congratulated more than 20 veterans of the Great Patriotic War and home front workers. They were given food baskets, medicines and other necessary things. The guys help not only deliver food baskets, but come to help clean the house, perform some other simple, but very useful and important tasks. But the most important was that they communicate with veterans, support them with a warm conversation. The action was held in the cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty, and in the regions and was actively supported by university students.

For AITU volunteers, the main thing is to be able to deliver assistance to as many people as possible who need it. Volunteers are fully aware of the importance of their work.