Volleyball Tournament among girls

From February 10 to 16, 2020, a volleyball tournament was held among the girls of Astana IT University. The event was held in Cyber ​​Arena at the University. The tournament was attended by 5 teams from each floor of the dormitory: “Treex”, “Four-Tune”, “High five”, “Fire”, “The Highest” and 1 team of teachers and advisors of the university.

Teams were divided into two groups. On February 10, the games of the first round determined the High five team to reach the final as the winner. The second game of the first round was held on February 11, where the remaining three teams competed. The “Fortune“ team reached the finals.

Students of each team played together, together, made decisions, supported each other. Both opponents were strong, but the final game determined the High five team to be the winner.

All the participants were actively supported by their team, the team spirit among the participants was at their best.

Students actively and usefully spent their time, received a charge of vivacity and positive mood. A sports game not only teaches a healthy lifestyle but also is an effective way of teambuilding.

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